SSWDA 2014 Reunion

Society of Stukely Westcott Descendants of America
Providence/Warwick, Rhode Island
June 27 – June 29, 2014

Westcott Burial Site Dedication

The Rhode Island cemetery commission has accepted the Stukely Westcott Homesite as the burial site of Stukely & Juliana Westcott and as the “Stukely Westcott historical cemetery #165."

Dedication will be held at 2:00PM on Saturday June 28th, during the society's 2014 reunion. It has been 337 years without recognition and it is fitting and proper that so many of his descendants will be onsite to witness this event.

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Objective: To commemorate fittingly outstanding anniversaries and events in our family's history; to memorialize our early family by suitable tablets; to promote genealogical study of our family; to create and develop interest and pride in family achievement; to provide when possible care of ancestors' graves, including official markers for graves of family's wartime soldiers, sailors, etc.; to support and advocate steadfastly the defense and protection of this country which our ancestors helped create, and the conservation of the United States Constitution and the American people's liberty; to meet, know, and enjoy our kindred.